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Installation and Tuning

Select the year, make, and model of your machine to find specific exhausts, equipment, and accessory installation instructions with recommended fuel settings for an HMF exhaust system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for assistance on exhaust maintenance or tips on our off-road equipment? Our FAQ is a central hub for advice and information on exhausts, equipment, tuning, and maintenance.

How do I repack my exhaust?

HMF offers a repair and repack service that will get your exhaust system like new again. Typically, the average rider will need to repack their exhaust after 40-50 hours of riding, depending on riding style. learn more

Do I have to tune my vehicle?

Not all machines require tuning and we’ll tell you if it is needed or not. With modern fuel injection systems, they do not typically have the capability to compensate for the increased demand for fuel when an HMF exhaust is installed. read more

How does the Optimizer work?

The first step when installing the Optimizer is to connect it to a good ground source. This can be a good part of the chassis or the negative battery... read more

What is a Quiet Core?

The quiet core insert is designed to install in a number of HMF exhaust series and will reduce the sound output of the exhaust anywhere from 3-6 dB depending on the machine... read more

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