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Can I run the spark arrestor and quiet core insert together?

Actually we recommend that the spark arrestor and quiet core insert be installed and used together.  Due to the flange of the quiet core insert being slightly thinner than the... read more

What is the warranty on Exhaust systems?

The HMF 2-year limited warranty applies to manufacturing defects only. Any exhaust that is damaged by misuse, incorrect installation, modification, incorrect air/fuel mixture, impact or crash damage will not be... read more

Why can’t I find a repacking kit for sale on your website?

Due to the construction of our mufflers, we don’t recommend trying to repack an HMF™ muffler.  There are specialized tools and parts required to repack our mufflers correctly, like a... read more

How can I make my exhaust look like new?

Turns out, most of the luster of your exhaust lies in a small green pad with a rough surface; Scotch Brite®.  This little green monster can be used to take... read more

My exhaust is colored. What does it mean?

Often times, users can experience exhaust discoloration due to improper tuning, engine malfunction or after-market additions. It's important to keep in mind that steel exhibits different oxidation and incandescent colors... read more

Fuel Injection/Carburetion Basics

The Basics An internal combustion engine needs two basic elements to operate, fuel and oxygen. The fuel can be any number of things: alcohol, nitromethane, natural gas or used fryer oil,... read more

How do I repack my exhaust?

We get this question a lot here at HMF. Typically, the average rider will need to repack their exhaust after about 40-50 hours of riding. This can vary however depending... read more

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