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Why is my head pipe glowing?

Your head pipe is glowing because our head pipes along with many others (aftermarket or original) are made from thinner materials compared to those used in the past.  Its not... read more

How do I install my HMF Optimizer fuel controller?

The first step when installing the Optimizer is connect it to a good ground source.  This can be a good part of the chassis or the negative battery terminmal.  Failure... read more

Maverick XDS Turbo | Race Up Pipe Notice

UTV Exhaust systems for the Can Am Maverick XDS Turbo built before 5/25/15 may be seeing failures in the flanges on the Race Up Pipe.  This issue effects the following HMF... read more

Do I need to change or alter the settings on the HMF Fuel Optimizer/Programmer?

We get this question quite often at HMF, and generally the answer is no.  If you have a stock machine without any major modifications, other than installing an HMF exhaust... read more

How does the Optimizer work?

It's an often misconception that a fuel injected engine will automatically tune itself when an after market part is added.  This is actually not the case.  When adding an after... read more

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