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How does the Optimizer work?

Installing the HMF Optimizer The first step when installing the Optimizer is to connect it to a good ground source.  This can be a good part of the chassis or the negative battery... read more

How do I reset my Optimizer?

The Optimizer does not have a reset function but going back to the stock settings is quite easy.  Go to "help + installation" and in the blue bar enter the... read more

Do I need to tune with a Slip-On?

While some companies will say that installing a slip-on does not require tuning, at HMF this is rarely the case.  Most of the restriction in an exhaust system lies in... read more

Is a Fuel Tuner really necessary?

Not all machines require tuning and we’ll tell you if it is needed or not.  With modern fuel injection systems, they do not typically have the capability to compensate for... read more

Will other fuel tuners work with your exhaust? I already installed “X” brand and now want to install an HMF exhaust.

A lot of this depends on a number of factors.  We perform all of our tuning and testing in-house to verify that air-fuel ratios are safe and will not cause... read more

Why has the fuel economy decreased on my machine after installing your exhaust?

Because the HMF exhaust systems increase the potential air flow through your engine that must be compensated for with more fuel.  In order to maintain a safe air-fuel ratio when... read more

I have HMF exhaust and an Optimizer installed and now I want to do other modifications. Can you tell me the settings I need to put into my Optimizer?

The exact settings for your particular machine and setup are impossible for us to determine.  However, we can make some suggestions and have a lot of good information and tips... read more

Why does my exhaust change color?

Often times, users can experience exhaust discoloration due to improper tuning, engine malfunction or other aftermarket modifications. It's important to keep in mind that steel exhibits different oxidation and incandescent... read more

Do I need to change or alter the settings on the HMF Fuel Optimizer/Programmer?

We get this question quite often at HMF, and generally the answer is no.  If you have a stock machine without any major modifications, other than installing an HMF exhaust... read more

Fuel Injection/Carburetion Basics

The Basics An internal combustion engine needs two basic elements to operate, fuel and oxygen. The fuel can be any number of things: alcohol, nitromethane, natural gas or used fryer oil,... read more

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