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Oxygen Sensor Notice

In the past few years more and more vehicles in the powersports industy have been adopting increasingly advanced fuel injection systems that incorporate oxygen (lambda) sensors for refined engine and... read more

Honda Talon Exhaust Guide

The popularity of the Honda Talon quickly gained our interest at HMF leading to the development of a full line of exhausts and equipment.  The purpose of this article is... read more

Big Core Exhausts

When it comes to making big power and efficiently getting spent exhaust gasses out of the engine HMF big core systems are the best choice for owners of high performance... read more

Exhaust Inserts

Quiet Core Insert  The quiet core insert is designed to install in a number of HMF exhaust series and will reduce the sound output of the exhaust anywhere from 3-6 dB... read more

What Kind of Exhaust Systems does HMF Make?

HMF exhausts are available in a variety of shapes, series, lengths, etc.  What works for one machine may not work for another. During our R&D process the team will test... read more

What is the difference between each series?

The answer to that question depends on your machine, how you ride, where you ride, etc.  Most machines HMF offers exhaust for will not include every series created. You wouldn’t... read more

Is there really a difference between installing a slip on HMF exhaust and a full system?

Absolutely!  When we develop exhaust systems we have to look at a lot of different variables including head pipe diameter, exhaust system total length, backpressure, resonance, space restrictions, heat management,... read more

I purchased a slip on exhaust some time ago and now want to go to a full system. Can I just get the full system head pipe from HMF?

In most cases the answer is no.  When a slip on exhaust is designed, we must work within the constraints of the factory head pipe and connection.  A full HMF... read more

Why don’t I see exhaust available for my vehicle?

Unfortunately we don’t always have the time or resources to design and test on all machines.  We do our best to keep up as new and improved machines are released... read more

Competition Series | Inserts

The HMF™ Competition Series exhaust was designed and tested for sport ATVs.  The internal triangular core, Trimax, is the heart of the Competition Series.  The Trimax Core technology features 3... read more

How can I make my exhaust look like new?

Turns out, most of the luster of your exhaust lies in a small green pad with a rough surface; Scotch Brite®.  This little green monster can be used to take... read more

Using wire or rope with my Exhaust Installation?

So let's get this straight.  I can use a rope or long piece of wire to help me with the installation of my HMF exhaust system? The answer is yes. Many of... read more

What can I do with the snorkel system?

Many riders are modifying their machines for deep mud riding as the popularity of the sport increases. When getting down and dirty, the first modification for most quads are snorkels... read more

How do I repack my exhaust?

The lifespan of the packing in HMF exhaust can vary significantly depending on a number of factors including the vehicle, specific system, riding style, etc.  More aggressive race machines are... read more

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