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Competition Series | Inserts

The HMF™ Competition Series exhaust was designed and tested for sport ATVs.  The internal triangular core, Trimax, is the heart of the Competition Series.  The Trimax Core technology features 3 levels of power and sound, allowing you to dictate the type of power and sound you need when you need it. 

Included with every exhaust are 3 removable inserts, each of which affects the sound and power in different ways, giving the rider complete control.  The Stage 3 insert will already be installed when you receive the exhaust with the Stage 1 and Stage 2 inserts packaged separately.  

Installing the Inserts

Competition Series | Inserts

Step 1: The HMF Spark Arrestor is removable.  When installing the Spark Arrestor, make sure the arched side is facing in.

Competition Series | Inserts

Step 2: Simply loosen the 4 allen screws on the Euro End Cap and choose which insert you want to use. Place the insert on the exhaust, lining up all 4 holes.

Competition Series | Inserts

Step 3: Place the Euro End Cap over the insert and line up all 4 holes.  Install each screw, but don’t completely tighten until all 4 are snug.  Once you’ve completely tightened all the screws you’re ready to ride.

What do the inserts do?

Competition Series | Inserts

Stage 1 | Quiet
Stage one has the smallest diameter opening that sets dB sound levels in the low to mid 90’s (varies per model), yet produces industry-leading power at that dB level.  NOT RECOMMENDED FOR EXTENDED USE. REJET/REMAP ACCORDINGLY.

Competition Series | Inserts

Stage 2 | Mid-Level
The Stage 2 insert uses a different sound altering insert that partially lowers dB sound levels without losing the power increase gained in Stage 3.

Competition Series | Inserts

Stage 3 | Maximum Volume
The Stage 3 Insert acts as an unrestricted core producing high dB levels with industry-leading power throughout the entire RPM range.


Regardless of the insert used, riders still need to keep up on the maintenance of the exhaust.  Periodically knock on the silencer's shell.  If any areas start to sound hollow the packing around the core has begun to break down and the exhaust should be sent in soon for repacking

Stage 1 and Stage 2 inserts will create more backpressure within the silencer and break down the exhaust packing more rapidly, which will require more frequent repacking.  Failure to repack the exhaust will result in damage to the exhaust system and is not covered under the HMF 2 year warranty.  

Posted Friday, March 09, 2018


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