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Polaris<sup>®</sup> RZR RS-1 (18-20) DynoJet<sup>®</sup> Clutch Kit

Polaris® RZR RS-1 (18-20) DynoJet® Clutch Kit

The DynoJet® Clutch Kit includes redesigned arms with magnetic weights, giving you the flexibility needed to adjust the primary clutch, allowing the engine to operate at the optimum RPM to obtain peak power. When appropriately paired for the modifications performed, springs and a re-designed helix (where applicable) can decrease belt temperature, reduce belt wear, and optimize the shift rate for maximum power transfer to the wheels.

DynoJet® Clutch Kits are fully adjustable and include all the necessary components to tailer for modifications done to your vehicle, the terrain you run your vehicle in, or your specific driving style.

  • Increased Top Speed over stock
  • Increased Power Transmission to the Wheels.
  • Faster Back Shift
  • Improved Acceleration
  • Smooth Engagement
  • Easily adjustable for Sand, Mud, Rock, and Trail applications
  • Optimized belt tension for increased belt life and cooler belt temps
  • Dyno developed and field-tested by DynoJet®

Clutch Kit Fits: 


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