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HMF releases exhausts and equipment for Polaris RZR PRO XP

The Polaris RZR Pro XP® is the new generation in the RZR side by side family. At HMF, we were able to get our hands on one relatively early to start our research and development process for both exhausts and equipment. Initially, it appeared that existing HMF exhaust systems were going to be a direct transfer from previous RZR Turbos. However, closer inspection revealed some changes were going to be needed because the rest of the machine was different. So, the team went right to work, developing new bumpers and equipment, that would fit the new chassis, complement the modern styling, and still offer protection our customers have come to expect.

After a lot of measuring and fitting, our R&D team came up with four different muffler systems for the RZR Pro XP®. Our proven design and fabrication skills developed the following systems are now available for the machine:

HMF releases exhausts and equipment for Polaris RZR PRO XP

Performance Series Dual Slip-Ons
The restrictive factory silencer leaves a lot to be desired in the sound department. Our dual slip-on system quickly solves this. The Performance Series has the signature sound HMF has become world-renowned for.

HMF releases exhausts and equipment for Polaris RZR PRO XP

Performance Series Dual Turbo-Back
Using our proven Dual Slip-On system and adding a 2.5" mandrel-bent, stainless steel downpipe from the turbocharger created the Performance Series Dual Turbo-Back Exhaust, featuring a laser-cut heatshield mounted to the downpipe.

Titan Series Dual Turbo-Back

Using the unique internal core designs of the Titan Series, the Dual Turbo-Back Exhaust in our Loud (XL), or Quiet (QS) cores, tailoring the sound output to each user's liking. Our XL cores produce a deep tone with a hearty bark that will surely get some attention. The QS cores provide sound levels closer to stock, yet still giving a rich, deep tone without any of the undesirable secondary harmonics typically in the stock and other systems. The Titan Exhausts are made entirely from stainless steel, designed to last and require minimal maintenance.

HMF releases exhausts and equipment for Polaris RZR PRO XP

Titan Series Big Core Turbo Back
This exhaust means business. Leveraging the durability of our Titan Series with years of racing knowledge, the Big Core setup is a real monster of an exhaust. The system is actually the shortest and least restrictive, even compared to dual silencer setups. This is thanks to the short overall length and unrestricted 2.5" downpipe with a silencer core. While it is hard to measure without costly and complicated testing equipment, the Titan Big Core most definitely gets the turbocharger spooled up faster with less backpressure. Some say their machine speaks to them. The Titan Series Big Core Turbo-Back exhaust from HMF on the RZR Pro XP® does way more than speaks: it shouts.

Polaris® claims 181 horsepower out of its engine in the RZR Pro XP. This is, of course, the engine power at the crankshaft. The actual horsepower to the wheels is a lower number due to losses in the clutching, gearing, and driveline.

On our dyno, we measured the horsepower and torque at the wheels at 134 hp and 86 ft-lbs. This is running the machine in high gear and four-wheel drive to get the most accurate numbers possible. Other dynos and tuners may claim different/higher horsepower numbers, and that simply doesn't matter. What matters is the relative gains achieved.

After installing an exhaust on the Pro XP®, we immediately saw some gains in power. Power gains with just an exhaust were about 3 hp, again, measured at the wheels. During this initial testing, we closely monitor temperatures, air-fuel ratios, and other factors so that we know whether a machine is going to require tuning. In the case of the Pro XP, everything remained safe and stable, thus tuning is not an absolute requirement.

With the initial testing complete, it comes time to tune the machine and see what hidden potential can be unlocked. Using the DynoJet PowerVision 3, we were able to safely achieve 151 hp and 92 ft-lbs of torque (+17 hp and +6 ft-lbs). Even we were impressed with the capability of this machine to pick up 12% more hp with just an exhaust and tuner.

The tune we are offering works on every exhaust system and is the exact same tune developed to achieve the numbers we just mentioned. No secret tunes or settings, and no worries about losing any reliability.

The new saying around HMF regarding our equipment is "Equipped to Perform." Our equipment lineup has expanded over the years from just a few simple bumpers on race quads, to full-blown offerings to accessorize the most popular off-road machines on the market. "Equipped to Perform" was born out of a desire to make the best and most practical use of each rider/driver's vehicle. That means more than just a bumper to protect against the occasional branch scrape or bump on the trail. We aim to offer essential accessories to make every ride or job a connection with man and machine, working in harmony to get you where you want to go, better than a stock machine could do alone.

Whether you need a lightweight bumper in the dunes or a heavy-duty, full-coverage bumper with a winch mount on the job, our Defender Front Bumpers are the premium choice. Rock Sliders are available for keeping the side of the vehicle from hanging up on the rocks, and Cargo Racks keep cargo and gear in place. Whatever the objective, we are always working on designing new accessories to make the journey more enjoyable.

For the Polaris® RZR Pro XP®, the team is still hard at work getting all the details on a line of equipment to accessorize the Pro XP. In the coming weeks, everything will be ready for release, and owners should be excited to see what we have in the works. The tubing bender is fired up, the welders are donning their welding helmets, and the powder coat department is ready with color-matched powder to not only get the Pro XP prepared for your next adventure but also "Equipped to Perform."

Posted Wednesday, November 13, 2019


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