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Competition Series | Inserts

The HMF™ Competition Series exhaust was designed and tested for sport ATVs.  The internal triangular core, Trimax, is the heart of the Competition Series.  The Trimax Core technology features 3... read more

Using wire or rope with my Exhaust Installation?

So let's get this straight.  I can use a rope or long piece of wire to help me with the installation of my HMF exhaust system? The answer is yes. Many of... read more

What can I do with the snorkel system?

Many riders are modifying their machines for deep mud riding as the popularity of the sport increases. When getting down and dirty, the first modification for most quads are snorkels... read more

How do I install my Competition Series inserts?

The HMF Competition Series exhaust features 3 different inserts that adjust the power and sound.  When you received your Competition Series exhaust, the Stage 3  insert was installed, with stages... read more

How do I install my Quiet Core and Spark Arrestor?

Every HMF exhaust comes with a U.S.F.S. Spark Arrestor uninstalled. The installation process for the Spark Arrestor is the same for the Quiet Core and should only take a few... read more

How do I install my Torque Range Modifier?

The Torque Range Modifier (TRM ) is an insert that broadens the available torque range of the machine allowing for better "hook up" in certain conditions. The TRM is not... read more

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