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Yamaha Raptor 700 (2015 and up) Exhaust & Tuning Guide

At HMF we frequently get asked a number of questions regarding exhaust and tuning for the 2015 and newer Raptor 700.  This guide will answer the most common questions we get.

Should I purchase a slip on or full system?
A slip on is a more cost effective solution to getting power gains out of your Raptor.  If you are looking for the best power out of your machine and plan on doing other modifications a full system is probably the way to go. 

What Kind of Exhaust Systems does HMF Make?

If I get a slip on system can I convert to a full system later? 
On the 2015 and newer Raptor 700 exhausts users cannot convert a slip on to full system.  The headpipe from the full exhaust utilizes a larger diameter pipe than the stock headpipe.  Due to this difference in diameter the connection for the full system and slip on has to be different making the systems incompatible with one another.

Tuning a 2015+ Raptor 700
Multiple tuning options are available for the Raptor 700.  For more information on each tuner please read our "What Tuning Options does HMF Offer?" article.  Currently the tuners offered for the Raptor 700 are:
1. HMF Optimizer
2. DynoJet Power Commander V
3. DynoJet Power Commander Fuel Controller

HMF Optimizer
The HMF Optimizer works quite well to accomplish the needed fuel tuning that both a slip on and full system require.  It comes pre-programmed, all you need to do is connect the Optimizer in line with the fuel injector and ground out the black wire to the chassis/frame.  

Yamaha Raptor 700 (2015 and up) Exhaust & Tuning Guide

One of the most common modifications to a Raptor 700 is some sort of air intake modification such as a different intake, high flow air filter, removing the airbox lid, etc.  Because of the popularity of intake modifications we have tested a Raptor with an aftermarket intake, high flow filter, and airbox lid removed to simulate the freest flowing intake possible.  Below are the settings we recommend for a setup like this compared with the original settings that come pre-programmed. 

Yamaha Raptor 700 (2015 and up) Exhaust & Tuning Guide

Please note that in most cases if the intake is stock other than a different air filter changes to the Optimizer’s settings typically don’t need to be changed.

DynoJet Power Commander V
Much like the HMF Optimizer the Power Commander V will come pre-programmed with a map setup to work on the Raptor 700 along with any HMF exhaust combination. 

If you have a modified intake like what is mentioned above you will need to reprogram the tuner with a new map.  This does require downloading the tuning software from DynoJet and plugging the tuner into a PC in order to program the new map into the PowerCommander.  To obtain this map you will need to contact us and you will be emailed the new tune file.

Yamaha Raptor 700 (2015 and up) Exhaust & Tuning Guide

DynoJet Power Commander Fuel Controller
Because the Power Commander Fuel Controller can store multiple maps on the device you do not need to contact us for any new tunes, the file is already on the tuner.  The tuner will come with the “BASE” map dial set for the HMF tune supporting an unmodified intake (position 3).  Simply by changing the dial to position 4 will set the tuner to the modified intake tune, it’s that easy.

Yamaha Raptor 700 (2015 and up) Exhaust & Tuning Guide

Posted Wednesday, September 23, 2020


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