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What Tuning Options does HMF Offer?

Installing an HMF exhaust or making other vehicle modifications typically requires specific tuning to accommodate these changes.  Unlike a lot of aftermarket companies, HMF tests every vehicle and determines if tuning is required and beneficial.  By doing this we can develop application specific tuning thus simplifying the tuning process with pre-programmed tuners and jet kits.

For older machines using a carburetor to meter fuel delivery, HMF has tested and developed Basic Jet Kits to easily accomplish the necessary tuning, compliment our HMF exhaust, and maintain the same reliability compared to stock.

Most modern machines are fuel injected, utilizing a series of sensors and injectors to control fuel delivery.  For some this may seem intimidating to tune, but the beauty of testing each and every vehicle we work on means that we can do all the hard work ahead of time and offer tuning that is pre-programmed for the machine.  At that point, tuning your machine with an HMF exhaust installed is as simple as installing the tuner, and you’re done.  No going to a dyno, reading spark plugs for rich or lean fuel mixture, modifying complex carburetion systems, getting covered in fuel, etc. just plug in a few connections and get back to riding!

Below is a brief overview of the 4 tuners HMF has to offer.

1. HMF Optimizer
This is our tried and true basic tuning solution.  All Optimizers come pre-programmed accounting for the HMF exhaust installed on the machine.  Installation is as simple as connecting the wiring harness between the fuel injector and factory wiring harness.  Connect the ground for the Optimizer to a good ground and you’re essentially done.  

The key benefits of the HMF Optimizer are low cost, easy installation, and the ability to make changes to the tuning on the fly without the need for a computer.  The downside is that any change to the tuning of the Optimizer will affect a large portion of the overall tune since it primarily operates with 3 defined load ranges.

What Tuning Options does HMF Offer?

2. DynoJet Power Commander V (PCV)
DynoJet has been building tuning solutions for many years and is a well trusted name in the powersports industry.  The PowerCommander V, like the HMF Optimizer, is a piggyback style tuner that plugs inline with existing connections and does not require any permanent modifications.

The PowerCommander V HMF carries is not only a fuel tuning solution but also comes with the added benefit of being able to modify ignition timing in certain instances.  Additionally, the PowerCommander V has the ability to tune based on throttle position and RPM which creates a map with over 100 different tuning points, resulting in a higher resolution tuning map.  The downside to the PowerCommander V is that it does come with a higher price tag and requires a computer to make any tuning changes.  When ordered from HMF, we will program a map into the PowerCommander V that is designed to work with our HMF exhaust for a plug-and-play installation.

What Tuning Options does HMF Offer?

3. DynoJet Power Commander Fuel Controller (PCFC)
Similar to the PowerCommander V, the PowerCommander Fuel Controller is capable of the same high resolution tuning based on throttle position and RPM.  It does not have the ability to modify ignition timing, however this does make installation of the tuner a bit easier.  

The PCFC has the ability to make fine tuning changes like the Optimizer to account for minor modifications or differences from machine to machine.  Unlike any of the other piggyback tuners, the PCFC can hold up to ten unique fuel maps making it possible to switch from a tune setup for a stock exhaust, to one for an HMF exhaust or any other possible combination with just the turn of a dial on the tuner.

What Tuning Options does HMF Offer?

4. DynoJet Power Vision
Unlike the other tuners HMF carries, the DynoJet Power Vision is a small handheld flash tool.  With this device almost every imaginable tuning parameter can be modified.  The Power Vision has the capability to change the stock tuning in the vehicle for fuel delivery, ignition timing, cooling fan activation, drive by wire tables, turbocharger boost, speed & rev limiters, and more. 

Other added benefits of the Power Vision are the ability to flash the machine back to stock, use the tuner as an additional gauge to display a number of different parameters not normally shown on the gauge, datalogging, and the ability to disconnect the tuner from the vehicle without losing the tuning.

What Tuning Options does HMF Offer?

Tuning Compatibility 
Not all machines will have multiple tuning options from HMF.  The compatibility and effectiveness of each tuner is carefully considered before anything is listed for sale.  

For example, on the Polaris RZR XP Turbo a tuner is not required to run an HMF exhaust but we offer the DynoJet Power Vision which comes with all the benefits listed above, and transports the vehicle into an entirely different realm of power and performance.  Conversely, the Honda Talon requires tuning to properly support an HMF exhaust and we offer both the HMF Optimizer and DynoJet Power Vision.  To see what tuning is available for your machine enter your machine’s details at [HMF Tuning].  

Posted Thursday, September 24, 2020


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