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What is IQ Equipment

In 2008, the UTV boom changed a lot of what we did at HMF. The introduction of the side by side vehicle created new demands for off-road riders. As 800, 900, 1000cc engines became more common, we noticed a shift in who was out there riding. Weekend-warriors of yesteryear were now riding with family and friends towards a remote camp in the woods. 

The demand shifted from horsepower and performance to functionality and convenience. Drivers were now looking for bolt-on enhancements like bumpers, tire racks, light guards, and other equipment for better protection, functionality, and security. This specific demand allowed us to go back to our grassroots: metal fabrication.

Using our decades of engineering experience, we began to develop parts for more protection and functionality during the ride. From bumpers and racks to exo-bars and sliders, every machine that came into the shop created the need for a new piece of equipment. Our line of fabricated products rapidly grew and, now, features various equipment for over 20 different off-road vehicles.

Looking ahead towards the future, we may see our off-road vehicles evolve into something even more significant. However, one thing will remain the same; We as a species will always look to getaway. Families and friends are loading up their ATV and side by side vehicles, heading towards big adventures and further destinations. Wherever it is you're going, we're here to get you there.

Posted Friday, September 11, 2020


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