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Tech Tuning

Is tuning really necessary?

Not all machines require tuning and we’ll tell you if it is needed or not.  Carbureted and older fuel injected machines do not automatically compensate for the added airflow through the engine when an aftermarket exhaust is installed.  Even many currently produced fuel injected machines do not incorporate the needed sensors to actively compensate for changing conditions or modifications.   

We test and tune all the machines we offer exhausts for. That way, we can verify if a machine will run with a safe air-fuel ratio without a tuner. If a machine runs lean during our testing, we explore tuning options and try to develop easy solutions to fuel tuning to complement our exhaust.

How do I know if my machine needs tuning?

Every exhaust system on our website is marked for tuning.  Read the tuning description for your machine to determine whether we recommend fuel tuning or not.  If your machine is marked "Fuel Tuning Required", then your machine must be tuned with an HMF exhaust system.  Failure to tune the engine can cause excessive damage to the exhaust system and engine while voiding the warranty on your exhaust and possibly on your machine.

Is tuning really necessary?

If your machine is marked "Fuel Tuning is Not Typically Required", then fuel tuning is not required when installing an HMF Exhaust on this machine. However, other modifications to the machine may require the need for fuel tuning to ensure the machine runs properly, and there is no damage to the exhaust system. 



If you're unsure whether or not you need tuning, contact our Tech Team and they can assist you with tuning your machine with an HMF exhaust system.

Posted Friday, July 19, 2019


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