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What can I do with the snorkel system?

What can I do with the snorkel system?

Many riders are modifying their machines for deep mud riding as the popularity of the sport increases. When getting down and dirty, the first modification for most quads are snorkels on the intake, exhaust and transmission.

It is important to remeber that other modifications are typically neccessary when you're making intake and exhaust snorkel modificaitons.  

Intake Snorkels

When you're installing a snorkel on the intake system, keep in mind you'll typically be required to tune your engine.  When choosing a snorkel, the larger diameter intake, the better.  Small diameter intakes can choke the engine which would require jetting down.

Exhaust Snorkels

HMF has created a series specifically with an exhaust snorkel, we appropriately have named it the the Swamp Series. The Titan Series is the basis for the Swamp Series minus the exhaust snorkel.  We've built these cans out of resistant stainless steel, with specially designed packing that is extremely durable.  The exhaust's end cap allows a snorkel system to be securely attached to the exhaust itself.  Once the adapter has been installed, various bends and attachments are available for a complete system.  If you already have a Titan Series exhaust for your machine and want to add an exhaust snorkel check out our Snorkels section, there are some pre-configured setups for specific machines as well as a universal kit.

Does the snorkel work with any other HMF series?

No.  Other HMF exhaust series were not designed to be used with a snorkel. The diameter of our other series is much smaller, and the internal was not built to withstand the pressure the water can create.  If you are going to build a snorkel for any of your HMF exhaust series systems, you will be voiding your warranty. The packing on any other series will wear out at a faster rate than normal when used with a snorkel due or if water enters the silencer. Repack services will need to be performed more often in these cases. 

Posted Saturday, July 26, 2014


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