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HMF Racing Torque Range Modifier Instructions


!!! WARNING !!! Before working on your machine, make sure it is parked on a level surface with the transmission in park and/or the parking brake engaged. Do not work on any machine with a hot engine or exhaust.  Allow time for all parts to cool in order to reduce the risk of burns.

1. Remove the allen screws holding on the end cap.  Remove the end cap.

2. Insert the Torque Range Modifier into the exhaust core, smaller end going into the exhaust.  

3. Ensure the larger flage is resting in the recess of the end cap base.

4. If a spark arrestor is being installed/reinstalled place it with the dome facing in, toward the exhaust's core.

5. Reinstall the end cap using a small amount of medium-strength loctite on the allen screws.  Tighten evenly.  (See Figure #1)

Torque Range Modifier Instructions - Figure 1

Note: Retuning/rejetting is typically not required when installing the Torque Range Modifier.


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