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Spark Arrestor

Spark Arrestor - Standard

  • Spark Arrestor - Standard
  • Spark Arrestor - Big Core

Spark Arrestor

The HMF Spark Arrester comes with every HMF exhaust, installs in seconds, and is U.S.F.S. Forestry approved. It's designed to keep hot debris from exiting the exhaust which can potentially harm the environment.

Maintenance: Check your spark arrestor screen from time to time to see that it is free flowing and not clogged.
The easiest way to clean the spark arrestor is to remove it from the exhaust then soak the spark arrestor in oven cleaner. Wait for a few minutes, then clean the remaining residue with a wire brush. Keeping the spark arrestor clean will increase exhaust flow and performance.


  • Can be used with Quiet Core Insert
  • Works on all systems except Mini series
  • Big Core Size only required on HMF Big Core systems  


  • Standard Size
  • Big Core Size

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