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DEI EXO Series Exhaust Wrap

EXO Series Exhaust Wrap | Black

  • EXO Series Exhaust Wrap | Black
  • EXO Series Exhaust Wrap | Tan
  • EXO Series Exhaust Wrap | Tan

DEI EXO Series Exhaust Wrap

The EXO Sereis exhaust wrap is specifically designed to hold up against the rigors of off-road, and extreme-duty use.  This wrap features a dual-layer design using a combination of hi-temp fiberglass covered with a 304 grade stainless steel exoskeleton.  The unique construction maintains good heat protection while offering superior abrasion and impact protection.  Despite its burly appearance, the EXO Sereis exhaust wrap weighs nearly the same as normal exhaust wrap.  

The EXO Series exhaust wrap comes in a special 1.5" width, making it easy to install on motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, and other off-road vehicles with tight radius exhaust bends.  The 10' length is perfect for small area coverage or short exhaust systems.  In addition, the stainless steel exoskeleton hooks together when overlapped, saving time and making installation much easier.  Wetting the wrap is not necessary for installation.  

Dont forget to also purchase Stainless Steel Locking Ties to secure the wrap to the exhaust pipes!


  • 1.5" width, 10' length
  • High temp fiberglass & 304 stainless steel exoskeleton
  • Specifically designed for offroad and powersports use


  • Tan
  • Black


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