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HMF Racing Can-Am® - Maverick X3 - Slip-On Instructions


1. Be sure the vehicle is parked on level ground with the transmission in the “PARK” position with the wheels chocked, and that the engine and components are cool to the touch.

2. Remove the following:

  • Rear fascia
  • Downpipe to muffler springs using a spring puller or long piece of electrical wire.
  • Exhaust muffler
  • Muffler support bracket
  • Exhaust tip and spark arrestor from original muffler (these will be used with your muffler delete pipe) 


1. Inspect the original donut gasket on the end of the downpipe.  Replace it if it shows signs of wear or damage.

2. Use the supplied 6MM allen bolts, washers, and nyloc nuts to assemble the muffler delete pipe with the mounting bracket, original exhaust tip and spark arrestor.  

Can-Am® - Maverick X3 - Slip-On Instructions - Figure 1

3. Install the muffler delete pipe assembly to the vehicle using the 4 supplied springs and 8MM bolts, washers, and nyloc nuts.

Can-Am® - Maverick X3 - Slip-On Instructions - Figure 2

4. Replace the rear fascia using the original hardware to secure it.

5. Check all areas around the exhaust system for proper clearance and alignment.  Adjust as necessary.


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