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Can Am<sup>®</sup> - Maverick Turbo - HMF Race-Pipe Systems

HMF Race-Pipe

  • HMF Race-Pipe
  • HMF Race-Pipe
  • HMF Race-Pipe | Slip On
  • HMF Race-Pipe
  • HMF Race-Pipe
  • HMF Race-Pipe
  • HMF Race-Pipe & Race-Up-Pipe | 3/4 System
  • HMF Race-Up-Pipe
  • HMF Race-Up-Pipe
  • HMF Turbo Forward Exhaust | Full System
  • Front Head Pipe | Full System
  • Rear Head Pipe | Full System

Can Am® - Maverick Turbo - HMF Race-Pipe Systems

Installation instructions

The HMF™Race-Pipe Systems for the Can-Am® Maverick Turbo feature the HMF™Race-Pipe, HMF™Race-Up-Pipe, and the HMF™Turbo Forward Exhaust.  The HMF™Race-Pipe bolts to the outlet side of the turbine housing on the turbo charger and quickly discharges spent exhaust gases.  The 3" dump slip-on also includes a removable resonator core to reduce unwanted exhaust tones. 

The Race-Pipe can be combined with the HMF™Race-Up-Pipe and the HMF™Turbo Forward Exhaust.  These header systems increase horsepower, replace the original restrictive system, and fix the aggrevating problem of broken OEM exhaust parts.  

Race-Pipe Sound Clip

Available in a Slip-On, 3/4, or Full System, the HMF™Header Systems are extremely loud, and designed for closed-course competition only.  Standard HMF™ exhausts systems for the Can-Am®Maverick Turbo are also available (See Exhaust Systems).


  • Slip On
  • 3/4 System
  • Full System

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