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Exhaust Systems Yamaha® YXZ 1000R

HMF Racing Slip On Exhaust Instructions

For Models: YXZ 1000R (2016-2020)


Before working on your machine make sure it is parked on a level surface with the transmission in park and/or the parking brake engaged. Do not work on any machine with a hot engine or exhaust, allow time for all parts to cool in order to reduce the risk of burns.

1. Loosen the clamp at the head pipe to muffler joint.

2. Remove the 2 bolts that secure the rear muffler mounting bracket and remove the bracket.(See Figure #1)

Slip On Exhaust Instructions - Figure 1

3. Remove the 4 muffler mounting bolts and nuts.

4. Rotate and carefully remove the muffler from the vehicle.


1. Reinstall the rear muffler mounting bracket using the original hardware.  

2. Slide the supplied clamp over the inlet of the Silencer.

3. Slide the HMF Sliencer over the head pipe while lining up the 3 mounting tabs on the silencer with the coresponding tabs on the frame.  Install the supplied bolts, washers, and Nyloc nuts.  Note:  Your new HMF Silencer uses 3 mounting tabs.  Not 4.  Your new, light weight silencer is properly supported using only three mounting tabs.  This also makes installation easier.(See Figure #2)

Slip On Exhaust Instructions - Figure 2

4. Tighten the clamp between the factory head pipe and HMF silencer.  



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