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Exhaust Systems Yamaha® Rhino 700

HMF Racing Slip On Exhaust Instructions

For Models: Rhino 700 (2008-2013)


1. You may want to remove the Dump Bed to help with the removal of the Stock Silencer.  This may require the help of a second person.

2. Disconnect the wires that run to the Tail Lights.

3. Use a small screwdriver to pop the Black Metal Clips off of the Lift Shocks.

4. With the help of another person, remove the Pins that hold on the Bed and lift the Bed off.

5. Remove your Stock Silencer and all mounting hardware.  Inspect the Stock Gaskets for damage.  If they’re damaged, replace them with new gaskets.


1. Slide the HMF Silencer over the Stock Gasket.

2. Using the supplied hardware, install a washer on both sides of the Rubber Mount.

3. Install the Springs.  (See Figure #1)

Slip On Exhaust Instructions - Figure 1

4. With most applications, remapping is a necessity.


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