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Exhaust Systems Yamaha® Rhino 660

HMF Racing Dual Full System Exhaust Instructions

For Models: Rhino 660 (2004-2007)


1. Remove the Dump Bed from the machine.  This may require the help of a second person.

2. Disconnect the wires that run to the Tail Lights.

3. Use a small screwdriver to pop the Black Metal Clips off the Lift Shocks.

4. With the help of another person, you can now remove the Pins that hold on the Bed, and lift the Bed off.

5. Remove your Stock Silencer and all mounting hardware.  Save the Stock Head Gaskets, you will re-use them.  

(We do recommend purchasing new ones from your dealer)


1. Insert the Head Gaskets into the Head and Bolt on the appropriate Header into the corresponding Silencer Port, with the Spring tabs facing up. Leave loose until everything is in place.

2. Fit on the Silencer and attach the supplied L-Brackets with the tabs facing each other and toward the front of the machine.

3. Align the Silencer and mark the hole locations onto the frame. (See Figure #1)

Dual Full System Exhaust Instructions - Figure 1

4. Once alignment has been achieved and your hole locations have been marked, move everything out of the way (including the silencer or brackets) and drill the 4 holes with a 3/8” Drill Bit.  Always use oil and a slow speed when drilling through steel.

5. You may want to spray some Semi-Gloss Paint to prevent rust.

6. Use the supplied hardware to finish installation, leaving everything loose until final alignment is achieved.

7. You must re-jet your Carburetor to ensure the longevity of your Silencer and your machine.  Depending on your conditions, jetting may vary.              


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