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Exhaust Systems Yamaha® Kodiak 700

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HMF Racing Slip On Exhaust Instructions

For Models: Kodiak 700 (2016-2024)


1. Using a piece of wire or a spring puller, remove the head pipe-to-Silencer Springs.

2. Remove the Silencer-to-Frame Bolt.  (You will reuse the original bolt.)

3. Make sure the Original Silencer-to-Head Pipe Gasket is in place on the Head Pipe Outlet, you will reuse it.  Replace if necessary.


1. Using the Stock Bolt/Washer, mount the HMF Slip On in the same location as the Stock Silencer.

2. If the silencer is too close to the bumper, use the supplied M8x50 bolt, 1/2" spacer and (2) 5/16" fender washers to mount the silencer.  This will space it out from the frame enough to clear the bumper.

3. Using a spring puller or piece of wire install the original Silencer-to-Head Pipe Springs. 

4. Mount the supplied heatsheild on the rear plastic that’s closest to the exhaust inlet. (See Figure #1)

Slip On Exhaust Instructions - Figure 1


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