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Exhaust Systems Yamaha® Kodiak 700

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HMF Racing Full System Exhaust Instructions

For Models: Kodiak 700 (2016-2024)


1. Be sure the vehicle is parked on level ground with the transmission in the "park" position, and that the engine is completely cooled down.

2. Remove the following

  • Seat
  • Front panel
  • Front storage box plastic (and box if installing Optimizer at this time)
  • Left side panel
  • Original silencer and head pipe

3. Be carefull not to lose the gasket from the exhaust port in the cylinder head.  You will reuse this gasket with your HMF full system.


1. Be sure the original gasket is still in the exhaust port.

2. Install the supplied head pipe heatshield using the supplied 6MM screws.  Do not tighten yet.

3. Install the head pipe using the original nuts.  Do not tighten yet.(See Figure #1)

Full System Exhaust Instructions - Figure 1

4. Install the supplied gasket onto the head pipe

5. Position the silencer under the left rear fender so that the inlet of the muffler meets up with the gasket on the head pipe.  

6. Lay the body of the muffler on top of the control arm.  This will make it easier to connect the bottom spring at the head pipe to muffler joint.(See Figure #2)

Full System Exhaust Instructions - Figure 2

7. Use a piece of wire or spring puller to hook one of the supplied springs to the bottom of the head pipe to muffler joint.(See Figure #3)

Full System Exhaust Instructions - Figure 3

8. Raise the muffler up to its installed position and use the original bolt, along with the 2 supplied fender washers to fasten the muffler to the original mounting tab on the frame.  NOTE: If the muffler is too close to the frame, you can use the supplied M8x50 allen bolt along with the 1/2" spacer to space the muffler out from the frame.

9. Install the remaining spring at the head pipe to muffler joint.

10. Tighten the head pipe nuts.

11. Be sure the head pipe heatshield is positioned so that it doesn't touch anything else and tighten the mounting screws.

12. Check all areas around the exhaust for proper clearance and alignment and adjust as necessary.  

13. Install the previously removed plastic storage box, panels, and seat.


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