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Exhaust Systems Yamaha® Grizzly 550

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HMF Racing HMF Optimizer Instructions

For Models: Grizzly 700 (2007-2016), Grizzly 550 (2009-2014)


1. Remove the Seat and Left Side Plastic Panel.

2. Remove the Connector, lightly push the Connector to the Injector, squeeze the Lock Tab and pull off.

3. Plug the Male Optimizer Connector into the Connector you just removed.

4. Plug the remaining Female Optimizer Connector onto the Injector.

5. Make the final Optimizer Pigtail Connection to the battery (-) terminal.

Adding a Slip On system without recalibrating the EFI could lead to exhaust and or engine damage.  Failure to add an EFI recalibration box will increase exhaust temperature beyond what the exhaust body, exhaust end caps, powder coating and internal packing material were designed.  Always verify any EFI changes by doing a throttle chop/plug check in all the ranges of adjustment.  Failure to do this will void your warranty.


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