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Exhaust Systems Polaris® Sportsman® 450

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HMF Racing HMF Optimizer Instructions

For Models: Sportsman® 450 (2016-2022)



1. Remove the seat and access the throttle body between the air box and engine.  

2. Unplug the fuel injector connector located between the throttle body and engine, it is a black connector with two wires, red and blue.  

3. Trim back some of the protective wrap around the wiring near the connector so that there is approximately 2-3 inches of wire is exposed.  (See Figure #1)

HMF Optimizer Instructions - Figure 1

4. Cut the injector plug off the wiring harness about halfway between where it splits off the main branch of the harness.  You need to leave at least an inch of wire available coming from the vehicle’s wiring harness. Save the plug that goes to the fuel injector, it will be reused.    (See Figure #2)

HMF Optimizer Instructions - Figure 2

5. Strip back a small amount of the insulation on all the wires cut in the previous step.  (See Figure #3)

HMF Optimizer Instructions - Figure 3

6. Match the blue and red wires with the wires and connectors on the Optimizer harness (see image for correct routing).  Securely crimp the previously stripped wires into the Optimizer’s connectors.(See Figure #4)

HMF Optimizer Instructions - Figure 4

7. Heat the connectors with a heat gun or gentle flame to shrink and seal them around the wires.  Be careful not to burn or scorch the wiring or connectors.

8. Connect the ground terminal to a good electrical ground either the engine, chassis, or battery negative terminal.  

9. Plug the original connector back into the fuel injector.(See Figure #5)

HMF Optimizer Instructions - Figure 5

10. Route all wiring away from any hot or moving parts and secure the Optimizer in a clean, dry area with the provided velcro patch.  The Optimizer should be mounted in an area where it will remain as clean and dry as possible while riding. The Optimizer is resistant to dirt and water, but is not waterproof.  

11. Note: In the event that the Optimizer needs to be removed from the machine it can be disconnected and the stock setup can be restored by disconnecting the white plug nearest the crimp connections and the other white plug at the fuel injector connector.(See Figure #6)

HMF Optimizer Instructions - Figure 6


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