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Exhaust Systems Polaris® RZR XP® 4 1000

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HMF Racing Slip On Exhaust Instructions

For Models: RZR XP® 1000 (2015-2023), RZR XP® 4 1000 (2015-2023)


1. Remove the silencer cover.(See Figure #1)

Slip On Exhaust Instructions - Figure 1

2. Unplug the Oxygen sensor from the vehicle wiring harness.

3. Remove Silencer-to-Frame springs.  

4. Remove (2) Bolts and Springs at the Head Pipe-to-Silencer Joint

5. Remove the Silencer.  
(See Figure #2)

Slip On Exhaust Instructions - Figure 2

6. Remove the Silencer Cover Brackets and Aluminum Heat Shield.

7. Slide the Top Rubber Mounts out of the frame. 


1. Install the Silencer Mounting Bracket to the Chassis using (2) of the Original Mounting Bolts from the Heat Shield for the top of the Bracket.  

2 The center hole on the bottom of the Bracket will fit over the Transmission Mount Stud.

3. Install the (1) Original Transmission Mount Nut onto the stud over the supplied bracket.(See Figure #3)

Slip On Exhaust Instructions - Figure 3

4. Mount the Heat Shield by sliding the Heat Shield over the (2) Top Studs on Bracket using the supplied (2) M8 x 1.25 Carriage Bolts, (2) 1/4" Flat Washers, and (4) M8 x 1.25 Nylock Nuts.  

Slip On Exhaust Instructions - Figure 4

5. Mount the HMF Silencer by sliding the Silencer Brackets over the Bracket Studs using (2) 1/4" Washers and (2) M8 Nyloc Nuts. and tighten. Stock gastket will be resued. Replace if damaged or worn.

6. Bolt the Silencer-to-Head-Pipe-Joint together using (2) M10 x 60 Shoulder Bolts, (2) 3/8" USS Flat Washers, and the Stock Springs.(See Figure #4)

Slip On Exhaust Instructions - Figure 5


HMF recommends fuel tuning on this model when installing the exhaust system.  There is an 18MM Oxygen sensor bung located in the collector of the HMF Exhaust for tuning or air-fuel ratio monitoring purposes.  If you are not using an oxygen sensor, install the supplied cap into the bung.  

If using Optimizer or AFR+
You will need to Cap the O2 Bung and use the supplied O2 Simulator provided with the Optimizer or AFR+.

If using ECU Flash or Dyno Jet PowerVision
You will need to Install your Factory O2 Sensor into the HMF Header.  Note: 2015-2017: 12-18mm O2 Sensor Adaptor will be supplied with PowerVision and Flash.


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