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Exhaust Systems Kymco® Mongoose 300

HMF Racing Full System Exhaust Instructions

For Models: Mongoose 300 (2006-2009)


1. Make sure the machine is on level ground and completely cooled down.

2. Loosen the stock Clamp that holds the Silencer and Head Pipe together.

3. Loosen the Silencer Mounting Bolts.

4. Brace the back of the Silencer with one hand and take the Bolts the rest of the way out.

5. Pull back and twist until the Silencer is removed.

6. Loosen the Bolts from the Exhaust Port.  Once loosened, support the pipe with one hand and remove.


Full System Exhaust Instructions - Figure 1

1. Position the HMF Head Pipe in place of the original.

2. Slide the T-Bolt Clamp over the end of the HMF Silencer.  Then, slide the Silencer onto the Head Pipe.  Some pushing and twisting may be necessary.

3. Mount the Silencer with the Stock Bolts or the supplied hardware and tighten.

4. Tighten the T-Bolt Clamp to secure the Silencer to the Head Pipe.

5. With most applications, re-jetting/remapping is a necessity.(See Figure #1)

Full System Exhaust Instructions - Figure 2


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