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Exhaust Systems Kawasaki® Brute Force 750

HMF Racing HMF Optimizer Instructions

For Models: Brute Force 750 (2015-2022)


Remove the following parts from your machine:

  • Seat
  • Inner splash guard in the right front footwell
  • Steering column cover and 12V outlet
  • Large plastic nut on the ignition switch and right side storage pocket panel
  • Loosen the jam nut on the shifter then unscrew the shift knob
  • Right side main plastic body panel
  • Loosen upper large CVT duct clamp and remove the upper CVT duct


1. Route Optimizer wiring harness along RH upper frame tube between keeping the wires away from all moving and hot components.

2. Unplug the 6 pin connector mounted on front cylinder and connect the Optimizer plugs in line with the factory plugs.(See Figure #1)

HMF Optimizer Instructions - Figure 1

3. Remove the grounding screw with a 10mm head just below the shifter base and add the Optimizer’s ground eyelet to the existing group of wires.  Make sure all connections are back on the screw and install it back into the frame of the machine.(See Figure #2)

HMF Optimizer Instructions - Figure 2

4. Using the supplied zip ties secure the Optimizer’s wiring harness to the frame. Take care to double check the routing of the Optimizer harness is away from any hot or moving parts such as the shift linkage.

5. With the supplied velcro patch mount the Optimizer under the seat just behind the fuse box.(See Figure #3)

HMF Optimizer Instructions - Figure 3

6. Turn the ignition switch on, the Optimizer should power up for a short time then shut off.  Optimizer power up will be indicated by a sequence of flashing lights on the box.  If the Optimizer does not power up check that the Optimizer is properly grounded and plug connections are secure.  While the engine is running the Optimizer's lights should remain on and will change based on load and throttle position.

7. Reinstall all parts in the reverse order from where they were removed.  Check clearances and ensure no wires or parts interfere.

NOTE: If you ride in deep water or mud and the Optimizer will be submerged when mounted under the seat alternate mounting is recommended.  The Optimizer is water resistant but is not designed for full immersion.

NOTEBase tuning for the Optimizer is pre programmed.  This tuning was determined with our HMF exhaust being the only modification.  Varying outside conditions as well as other modifications to the machine may require some fine tuning.  Test drive the machine prior to changing the base settings. Installation and tuning is the responsibility of the end user.  HMF will not be held responsible for property damage caused by improper installation and/or tuning.

Updated: 1/7/19


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