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Exhaust Systems Honda® Talon 1000R/X

HMF Racing Tailgate, Honda Talon 1000R/X Instructions

For Models: Talon 1000R/X (2019-2019)


!!! WARNING !!! Before working on your machine, make sure it is parked on a level surface with the transmission in park and/or the parking brake engaged. 

IMPORTANT: Installation of this accessory requires prior installation of the HMF Defender Rear Bumper with threaded end caps.

1. Loosely secure each end support to the roll cage and rear bumper using the provided (1) Tube Clamp Half - Threaded - 2" (2) Bolt, (2) M6-1.0x20 Allen Bolts, (1) M10-1.5x25 Allen Bolt, and (1) 3/8" Flat Washer for each side.  Leave all hardware loose for adjustment.(See Figure #1)

Tailgate, Honda Talon 1000R/X Instructions - Figure 1

2. Insert the gate between the hinge tabs on the right side end support aligning the holes in the tabs with the holes in the swing gate.  

3. Using the provided (1) 5/8"-11x9" Bolt, (2) 5/8" SAE Flat Washers, and (1) 5/8"-11 Nylock Nut secure the gate in its pivot points.  Do not over-tighten the nut or it will cause binding of the swing gate.  (See Figure #2)

Tailgate, Honda Talon 1000R/X Instructions - Figure 2

4. Close the swing gate and adjust the end supports so that the hole in the gate easily aligns with the threaded stud.  Tighten the mounting hardware.

5. Install one end of the provided Tailgate Wingnut Retention Cable to the Tailgate Wingnut and loop the other end of the cable and secure it to the swing gate or as desired.  (See Figure #3)

Tailgate, Honda Talon 1000R/X Instructions - Figure 3


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