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Exhaust Systems Can-Am® Renegade 850

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HMF Racing Dual Slip On Exhaust Instructions

For Models: Renegade 500 (2013-2015), Renegade 1000 (2012-2023), Renegade 800 (2012-2015), Renegade 850 (2016-2022), Renegade 570 (2016-2022), Renegade 650 (2023-2023), Renegade X MR (2023-2023)


1. Remove the Rear Tubes.(See Figure #1)

Dual Slip On Exhaust Instructions - Figure 1

2. Loosen the Stock Clamp and remove the Silencer Mounting Bolts and Silencer.

3. Remove the (4) Torx Head Screws and Cargo Hooks (See Figure #2)

Dual Slip On Exhaust Instructions - Figure 2

NOTE: On base models, it may be necessary to unbolt the rear shocks and flip them over so that the mid pipe can pass by the drivers side shock without interference. 


1. Install the supplied brackets between the plastic and Grab bar.  Start the Torx Head Screws but do not tighten.(See Figure #3)

Dual Slip On Exhaust Instructions - Figure 3

2. Slide the supplied clamp over Inlet side of the Y-collector.  Install the Y-collector onto Head Pipe.

3. Install the Lower Silencer onto the bottom of the Collector.  Install the Top Silencer (with HMF name plate) onto the top of the Collector. Mount the Top Silencer to the previously installed brackets with supplied hardware.  Do not tighten.

4. Reinstall the Rear Tubes and mounting hardware.  Using the supplied hardware, bolt the Lower Silencer to the original exhaust mounting location.  Do not tighten (See Figure #4)

Dual Slip On Exhaust Instructions - Figure 4

5. Ensure the proper exhaust alignment and clearance.   The position of the Y-collector is Critical.  If it is not positioned correctly, the silencers will not line up properly.

6. Tighten all the mounting hardware, torx screws, clamp(s), head pipe nuts (Full system only) and install the supplied springs at the Y-collector-to-Inlet Joints.

7. Install the self adhesive heat shield (included) to the back of the fuel tank (See Figure #5)

Dual Slip On Exhaust Instructions - Figure 5

8. Re inspect all the areas around the exhaust system for proper alignment and clearance. 

Note: On some Renegade models the voltage regulator has an additional heat shield that can interfere with Performance exhausts with the Euro style end cap.  Owners may need to modify or remove the heat shield to clear the exhaust end cap. 


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