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Exhaust Systems Can-Am® Maverick XDS Turbo

HMF Racing ECU - Original Instructions

For Models: Ranger XP® 900 (2013-2015), Maverick (2013-2018), RZR XP® 1000 (2014-2017), RZR XP® 4 1000 (2014-2017), Wildcat Trail (2014-2015), RZR® S 900 (2015-2019), Maverick XDS Turbo (2015-2017), RZR® S 1000 (2016-2019), RZR XP® Turbo (2016-2018), RZR XP® 4 Turbo (2016-2018), General (2016-2019), ACE® 900 (2016-2016), Maverick X3 (2017-2019), Ranger XP® 1000 (2017-2017), ACE® 900 XC (2017-2017), Sportsman® 850 SP (2017-2019), Maverick X3 MAX (2017-2019)


Removing Your Original ECU

1. Locate the ECU compartment located on your machine.  The ECU location will vary between model, so check your machine's manual for location.(See Figure #1)

ECU - Original Instructions - Figure 1

2. Unscrew the mounting screws holding the ECU to the machine.(See Figure #2)

ECU - Original Instructions - Figure 2

3. Disconnect the (2) wiring harness connectors located on the side of the ECU, connecting it to the machine.(See Figure #3)

ECU - Original Instructions - Figure 3


Shipping Your ECU

1. Wrap the original ECU in bubble wrap to ensure your ECU will not get damaged in shipping.(See Figure #4)

ECU - Original Instructions - Figure 4

2. Locate your machine's VIN Number and send it with your Original ECU, this is required to program the ECU.

3. Package it in a shipping box that will work with the carrier you're using.

Send To:
HMF Flash
5111 W 164th Street
Brook Park, OH 44142

What Parameters change on the ECM?

  • Fueling Adjusted for HMF exhaust systems, but will work with other aftermarket exhaust systems.
  • Optimized spark timing for 93 Octane pump fuel.
  • Shaft saver function modification.
  • Torque limiters modification.
  • Speed Limiters Extended: High and Low Gears.
  • Rev Limiters Extended: High and Low Gears.
  • Optimized Cooling Fan On Temperature.
  • Increased boost levels for turbocharged vehicles.
  • Linear throttle control for throttle by wire models.

Changing the operating parameters in the ECU may or may not void your vehicle warranty.  For more information on this contact your local dealership.  HMF flashed ECUs are for closed course competition use only and may not be legal to use on the certain property.  Check your local and federal laws.  HMF will not be held responsible for consequences incurred while using your vehicle with this ECU.  ECUs are sensitive electronic devices.  Avoid high static electrical charges when handling your ECU.  HMF will not be held responsible for an ECU that arrives at HMF with physical or electrical damage even if it “worked when you removed it”.    

By purchasing the ECU from HMF, you understand the above information.


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