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Exhaust Systems Can-Am® Maverick XDS Turbo

HMF Racing Dual 3/4 System Exhaust Instructions

For Models: Maverick XDS Turbo (2015-2017)


1. Loosen the clamps for the stock mufflers and remove the cotter pins from the top hangers.

2. Remove the stock down pipe. Save the (3) 8mm nuts, you will need these with the installation of the HMF system.

3. Remove the stock “up” pipe by removing the (4) Bolts and Springs at the (2) Head Pipe-to-Up Pipe Joints. and the (4) 8mm nuts. Be sure to keep the (4) flange bolts and the gaskets.

4. Remove the (4) Original Studs from the bottom of the turbo.

5. IT may be necessary to loosen the rear head pipe nuts to allow it to rotate and line up with the new HMF up pipe.  DO NOT remove the front or rear cylinder head pipes.


1. Install Race Up Pipe using the stock donut gaskets and the supplied (4) M8x25 Allen Bots and the (4) Stock bolts and Spring Spacers, but the supplied Springs and washers.  Note: If the donut gaskets are worn or damaged replace them with new OEM gaskets.  Leaks at these joints can cause power loss and or a check engine light.

2. Install the Stock Down Pipe on the studs of the outlet side of the turbo using the (3) Stock 8mm nuts.

3. Install the left and right side silencers with supplied hardware. (See Figure #1)

Dual 3/4 System Exhaust Instructions - Figure 1

4. Washer positioning is imperative to maintain the integrity of the original rubber mounts. 


Dual 3/4 System Exhaust Instructions - Figure 2


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