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Exhaust Systems Can-Am® Maverick XDS Turbo

HMF Racing Big Core S/O Exhaust Instructions

For Models: Maverick XDS Turbo (2016-2017)


1. Loosen the clamps for the original mufflers and remove the cotter pins from the top mounting hangers.

2. Pull back and twist to remove the original mufflers.

2. Remove the original down pipe.  Save the (3) 8mm nuts, you will need these with the installation of the HMF Slip On.


1. Install the Downpipe on the studs of the outlet side of the turbo using the (3) Stock 8mm nuts.

2. Install the single Performance Slip On by starting the inlet on the downpipe, then slide the lower hanger into the bushing(See Figure #1)

Big Core S/O Exhaust Instructions - Figure 1

3. Bolt the top bracket into the stock bushing using the supplied hardware. Tighten and check for proper clearance and alignment. Washer positioning is imperative to maintain the integrity of the original rubber mounts.  


Big Core S/O Exhaust Instructions - Figure 2


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