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Exhaust Systems Arctic Cat® Wildcat Sport

HMF Racing Slip On Exhaust Instructions

For Models: Wildcat Sport (2016-2017)


1. Be sure your vehicle is on level ground with the transmission in the park position with the engine and exhaust completely cool.

2. Use a long piece of electrical wire or spring puller to remove the springs from the head pipe to silencer inlet joint.

3. Pull back and twist to remove the original silencer.

4. Remove the original donut gasket.  It will not be re-used.

5. If you're installing the HMF Performance series exhaust, remove the original heat shield from the right rear fender well.  It will not be reused.  If you're installing the HMF Titan or Titan XL, leave the heat shield in place.


1. Install the supplied donut gasket over the supplied adapter, then push the gasket/adapter combo into the inlet of the HMF silencer.(See Figure #1)

Slip On Exhaust Instructions - Figure 3

2. The Titan (XL) series silencer will slide into place just like the original silencer.  The Performance series silencer will bolt up using the supplied hardware.  The hardware needs to be installed just like the figure below in order for the silencer to mount  properly.(See Figure #2)

Slip On Exhaust Instructions - Figure 2

3. Use a spring puller or thick gauge electrical wire to install 2 of the original springs at the head pipe to silencer joint.

WARNING the springs must be pulled further than with the original exhaust.  It is best to have someone help when installing these springs.  We also recommend wearing safety glasses.(See Figure #3)

Slip On Exhaust Instructions - Figure 1


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