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ATV.com reviews the HMF Twin Loop Exhaust

The reasons for installing an aftermarket exhaust are numerous – you usually pick an exhaust system that makes your vehicle sound better and one that increases the performance output of your engine. For some of us, we want to make sure that we get all of the performance and longevity out of an aftermarket exhaust system without the noise commonly associated with a more open pipe system. Not only do we do this to decrease sound levels in the cab of the side-by-side, but we also do this for nature and all of our furry friends who enjoy the trails just like we do. Mother Nature likes to see that you have an exhaust that still increases power, but without the sound associated with an open pipe system.

ATV.com reviews the HMF Twin Loop Exhaust

This is where the Titan-QS series exhaust lineup comes into play in the HMF Engineering family of performance exhaust systems. Traditionally, HMF has put two mufflers on many of its side-by-side exhaust systems to increase power output and sound quality, both of which have their own outlet. While the Titan-QS series still include two mufflers in the system, the mufflers are joined together and have one outlet total, therefore decreasing overall sound output but effectively keeping the power output consistent with a traditional dual-outlet exhaust system.

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ATV.com reviews the HMF Twin Loop Exhaust

Posted Tuesday, May 14, 2019


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