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Quiet Core
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Quiet Core

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The HMF Quiet Core is an insert made of 201 Stainless Steel and installs on most HMF exhausts in seconds. It's designed for sound sensitive riding areas and decreases the sound level approximately 3-6dB.

Need help installing the Quiet Core?
Installation Instructions (Standard)
Installation Instructions (With Euro End Cap)

  • We recommend re-jetting the exhaust whenever a Quiet Core is installed. Failure to do so can lead to several problems and can damage the exhaust and void the warranty.
  • The Quiet Core will not work with the HMF Ecosystem or Quiet Race Series Exhaust because those models have mechanical cores with no room to fit the Quiet Core into the exhaust.
  • You cannot use the Torque Range Modifier with a Quiet Core at the same time, only one can occupy the Exhaust space